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All Women Do at Least 26/30 of These Things

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Unmistakably, no two women are accurately alike. We all have entertainment and casual peculiarities that set us aside from one another. Maybe you’re preoccupied with bonsai trees. Perhaps you like your left ankle somewhat more than your right ankle. Possibly you use your free time watching old reruns of Mad About You.

Still, while all women are certainly different, there are countless things that are popular among women. Don’t understand me? Just see these 10 tweets. I bet you’ll find yourself comparing with a bulk of them.

I consider the characteristics and peculiarities covered in these tweets — even the things that are disturbing — are something to be rejoiced. It’s just an added reminder that there is more that joins us than separates us. Girl power, and all such.

Anyhow, on with the tweets!


my ex from a couple years ago has a new girlfriend and she liked and unliked one of my pics from a year ago and if youre out there i just want you to know its ok it happens to the best of us good luck out thereDon’t pretend you’ve never looked up a boyfriend’s ex on social media. We’ve all been there. No shame. OK, maybe a little bit of shame.


You ever pull your cardigan closed across your chest with crossed arms and suddenly feel like a sentimental widow stepping out onto her beachfront porch at night, fondly remembering her past lover? If you don’t do this while wearing a cardigan, I’m actually not sure you’re wearing the cardigan correctly.


Women are so adorable when you compliment their dress and the dress has pockets lol

“Hey! Thats a really nice dress!”

Woman: Thanks! IT HAS POCKETS!

And then she puts her hands in them and show you lol

If you don’t proclaim that a dress you’re wearing has pockets, there’s a chance those pockets might disappear.

You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?


Girls don’t actually shop we just walk round touching the clothes saying ‘this is cute’

This is so true it hurts.

Unless I’m in a Target. In Target, I touch everything and say it’s cute…and then I buy everything.


I always feel like I’m forgetting something whenever I leave the house carrying less than like 9 purses full of garbage

It’s amazing how many different bags I deem necessary any time I leave the house.

I should probably just invest in one of those big hiking backpacks.


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