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Never marry a person who is that the exact opposite of your imaginary Mr. Right because that might be an excellent folly. Imagine being married to a person who thinks you’re undeserving of wonderful things, doesn’t wish to be seen with you, and thinks of you as nothing quite his wife. Isn’t it just like the worst dream ever?

Mind you, judging people for doing bad, immoral things is justified. So take a while out before you opt to marry a man, albeit you’ve got dated him for an extended time, and undergo these 15 habits. If he has them, or most of them, reject him and shut the case closed because once you read these habits, you’ll realize that the sole thing you would like to try to to with this guy is either get him jailed or be miles faraway from him.


The idea of paying your whole life with a man who isn’t open-minded seems like a nightmare. You don’t want to be with someone for the remainder of your life who restraints you from doing all the traditional things simply because of his fear of things going wrong or his mistrust on you.

That kind of negativity can ruin your life and cause you to regret marrying him. it’s better to dump such a person directly rather than later regretting it when he displays his narrow-mindedness and makes your life hell.


Didn’t you are feeling a touch blasphemous even reading the phrase hates animals’? Who on earth hates animals? Nobody does; that’s the solution. So if he doesn’t like animals with any good reasons like allergies etc and causes you to choose from him and your pet, always choose your pet.

Not having a passion for them is ok but eager to be faraway from them because they’re animals’ shows an excellent lack of empathy. you’ll be living with a cruel human animal if you opt to marry him.


He likes to play wild, and it’s not an honest sign. You tell to not do something and he does precisely the same. Not only is that disrespecting you but it’s completely disregarding the connection rules.

Every relationship has some ground rules that require to be followed naturally by both the partners but if he pops the road again and again without ever paying heed to your concerns about them, he’s not worth marrying. Absolute disrespect should never be appreciated or given a second chance.


A little mistake or a sometimes forgetful mind is often excused and even an enormous promise, if broken once during a long time, is often forgiven too but if the frequency of promise-breaking increases visibly then it’s time for a few cleaning and washing.

If he nods vigorously while making promises and simply breaks those only days later, it means he’s making a fool out of you. that’s not an honest relationship to be in so reject that promise-breaker and find a keeper.

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