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Outdoor Kitchen Designs

If your garden is not big enough to set a big kitchen, you can still create a small kitchen which will provide you to cook. The photo upwards is made up of concrete and can easily fit with your small area.

Outdoor Kitchen With Clay Oven

If you are interested in cooking in a special oven, you can customize your garden’s kitchen like the photo. In addition to special oven, this set can provide you with whatever you need in a kitchen with its full kitchen set.

U-shaped Natural Stone Outdoor Bar

This U-shaped natural stone outdoor bar will make you feel luxury. Also, when you are cooking your meals, you can also chat with your guests.

Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Kitchen

If you want a natural view, you can choose this wood outdoor kitchen. Although it can resist to atmospheric situations, it is prone to deforming and rooting thus you should choose true wood material. Also, you can protect it with shelter.

Shabby Chic Inspired Outdoor Kitchen With Grill

If you want to represent your love of farmhouse style, you should choose shabby chic inspired outdoor kitchen with grill. You can create this farmhouse style by using stones and bricks and leaving them unfinished surface effect.

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